Shopify Speed Optimization

How it Works:

1. We first make a backup of your live theme and then begin our page speed optimizations.  This can take up to  2 weeks, but usually less.  We ask that you don't make changes to your live theme (or download apps) while we are working on your site because once we are done and you approve, we will be overwriting your live site with the speed optimizations.

2. Once we are done optimizing, we send you a preview link of your site with the optimizations.  Your site should not look any different, but we do ask that you confirm that it still functions as intended.  In rare cases, you may find that something doesn't function the way you want it too like your live chat doesn't load as fast as you would like.  In which case, we would unoptimize that until it is how you like it.

3. Once any more changes have been made and you approve, we make the backup of the theme live.

That's it!

Our guarantee:

1. We guarantee that your Shopify score will be 65 or greater.  Please note that their score is for mobile.  Desktop scores are usually 15 points more (85).

2. If you spot any functionality that you want corrected after going live, we will fix it at no cost for up to 2 weeks after launching.

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