Conversion Optimizations

Just a few Shopify apps (and other ways) to increase your conversions:

  • Add a toll free phone number in the header, so it appears at the top of every page (Contact us if you'd like one that we can route to your cell phone - with its own unique voicemail)
  • Email marketing: use pop-ups to collect email addresses, send abandon cart emails, and behavior based emails (so that they are more relevant).  SmartrMail does all of these.
  • Live chat: Use Chatra and you can respond to these from your iPhone!
  • Any of the Bold apps listed here
  • Create urgency with this countdown timer
  • Make your images clean
  • Collect product reviews
  • Remarketing (made easy) on Facebook
  • Record sessions of your visitors to find out why they aren't buying
  • Incentivize referrals
  • Encourage sending products as gifts

Also, a great resource here: Shoptimized

Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for the recommendations above; however, I would not endorse these unless I have used them and found that they are beneficial.

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