OpenCart Is a Solid Open Shopping Cart Option for New Online Businesses

OpenCart Is a Solid Open Shopping Cart Option for New Online Businesses

April 03, 2017

The most important strategy for e-commerce is to have a high performing shopping cart. Use one, and practically everything you need to set up in order to secure success for your online business will be a breeze.

There are a lot of options for an open shopping cart available today, and you can expect more to emerge in the coming months. Therefore, if you’re in search of one to use for your online business, the selection process may prove to be rather challenging. After all, these products tend to offer similar features and functionalities. The only reliable way to distinguish them from each other is to observe their actual performance.

Now, when it comes to solid performance, the open source shopping cart solution called OpenCart is a highly recommended option. It boasts of an abundance of useful features, and along with this, it is user- and search engine-friendly. OpenCart is deemed ideal for beginners, particularly for its intuitive interface which allows users to have complete control over their store. This means you can easily experiment with different looks for your site to effectively entice customers.

This shopping cart solution offers the following features and functionalities:

  • Thousands of high-end e-commerce themes (you won’t have trouble creating a look for your site that really goes with your brand).
  • 20+ payment gateways and 8+ shipping method integrations.
  • It’s responsive, which means it can display properly across different devices.
  • It can accommodate different currencies and languages.
  • It can work for unlimited categories.
  • It can display an unlimited amount of products; as such, increasing your offerings won’t require you to bump old products out of the lineup.
  • Product reviews and ratings can easily be displayed.
  • It can automatically resize images for better viewing and visibility.

Apart from this impressive range of features and functionalities, OpenCart logs high scores among internet merchants because it provides potential buyers the opportunity to give it a go before deciding to install. Plus, it offers free community and commercial support, as well as free user guides and video tutorials. OpenCart is also affordable, making it even more ideal for new businesses to use.

In the rankings game for open shopping cart solutions, OpenCart is often found second to Shopify, which remains to be the leading online shop builder in the world (powering over 300,000 online shops and generating over $20 billion worth of sales). Reviews claim it only falls behind Shopify by a few key features because Shopify has been quite successful in building relationships with other vendors such as theme designers and online tools providers, allowing the site to be a complete one-stop shop for the tools necessary for a successful online store. With that said, OpenCart still does a good job of delivering on its promises and meeting requirements.

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