Magento Vs Shopify – Which One Should You Use?

Magento Vs Shopify – Which One Should You Use?

March 20, 2017

Your choice of e-commerce platform is of critical importance in the successful and efficient creation, management, and maintenance of your online store. Many online entrepreneurs and web developers are often torn between Magento and Shopify, two of the most popular e-commerce solutions available.

In pitting Magento vs. Shopify, you’ll find many similarities in their offering, but their fundamental differences are also clear. To begin with, Shopify is a commercial product while Magento is a free, open-source software program. This means that you have to pay to use Shopify. Another difference is that Shopify is a hosted solution while you have to arrange for your own hosting with Magento. This means that before you can create your Magento store, you need to get hosting, as well as install, set up, and configure everything. That requires more advanced web development and programming knowledge.

The following is a Magento vs Shopify comparison based on vital categories:

  • Features – The two have many similarities, but you have to pay attention to see which one has the edge in each feature. For instance, Shopify is easier to set up when it comes to basic online store functionality. In terms of inventory management, both offer unlimited products, but you have to keep in mind that, with Magento, your choice of hosting could affect your loading speed if you have too many items on your online store. Shopify also offers more international payment gateway options. Meanwhile, Magento bests Shopify in its multilingual capabilities. As for themes, Magento may have more free variants than Shopify, but the general sentiment is that the free Shopify themes look more contemporary than the ones for Magento.
  • Ease of use – Without a doubt, Shopify wins in this category. While both offer great e-commerce store platforms with a user-friendly interface, Shopify also has a wizard mode that makes everything even easier.
  • Bandwidth charges – Shopify does not charge for bandwidth usage while Magento users base their bandwidth on the hosting they got.
  • Theme prices – Both have a good number of free and paid themes, but Magento’s theme prices start at a mere dollar while Shopify’s start at $80.

Shopify has its strong points, as does Magento. Mainly, if you want the easier but more powerful solution, Shopify makes more sense with its hosting and fully managed service. If you’re after a free but effective product, Magento is the likely choice, but you do have to take care of hosting, maintenance, and other software or system setups that require higher level tech savvy.

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