Choosing The Best E-commerce Platform: Qualities To Look For

Choosing The Best E-commerce Platform: Qualities To Look For

September 06, 2016

Your choice of shopping cart for your e-commerce website can contribute significantly to the success of your business. Online consumers focus on the experience, and if your shopping cart makes purchasing too complicated, you will surely lose sales.

There is currently a long list of options for an online shopping cart; all of these options promise to deliver great services and create a positive user experience. But what qualities should you really look for in order to differentiate one shopping cart from another and determine what will work to your business’s advantage?

You know you’re working with the best e-commerce platform when it has the following qualities: 

  1. Easy to use.

It should be easy to use for you and for your end users. Online transactions should always be easy; users are quite impatient and it’s no issue for them to find another site that offers similar products if your shopping cart is making the process too complicated for them.

  1. Selection of payment methods.

It should accommodate different payment methods (PayPal and credit cards). Your business has everything to gain if your e-commerce store can accept different kinds of payments.

  1. Online store set-up is easy.

It should make setting up your store a breeze without compromising the look that you wish to use for your brand. Online e-commerce platform Shopify scores high in this department for having 100 optimized online store designs, which are all beautiful, a breeze to customize, and optimized to generate good conversion rates from your visitors.

  1. Budget-friendly.

It should be affordable yet packed with relevant features and functionalities. This is a huge advantage for new online businesses that are still working with a conservative budget.

  1. Stays on top of transactions/processing.

It should be able to track and respond to orders effectively and in a completely organized manner.

  1. Responsive and displays fast.

The site should load quickly across different mobile devices despite being feature-heavy. Studies reveal that “75% of online consumers express annoyance over poorly performing websites and apps; meanwhile, 69% said they get frustrated with slow e-commerce sites, and 19% said they distrust such sites and apps.”

  1. Hosts the store for you.

No need for external web hosting.

  1. Scales well.

It should be able to grow as your business grows.

  1. Good customer service.

It should also come with a reliable support system despite being very easy to use for timely solutions to issues or concerns.

The best performing e-commerce platforms possess most of these qualities, but Shopify takes the number one spot in product reviews. Not only does it have all these qualities, but it even does so much more — and it’s cheaper than most other options. So if you’re looking for a solid e-commerce platform to use, study this option and discover how it can ensure success for your online business venture.

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