Are You Taking Advantage of Shopify's Sales Channels?

Are You Taking Advantage of Shopify's Sales Channels?

July 22, 2017

If you've overlooked Shopify's Sales Channels, you might want to check them out.  It's Shopify's way of making it easy (and sometimes free) to get traffic.

Here's a quick rundown of them:


Does your business use Facebook to promote its products? Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow give users the option to buy while they’re browsing your Facebook page? Well, thanks to fully-integrated Shopify Facebook pages, you can. Just click on the Facebook sales channel to automatically sync product details, images, and inventory.

Fee: Free!


You can also promote your store through Pinterest. Shopify will automatically sync your products with Pinterest to create Buyable Pins that pinners can save for later, repin or use to purchase your items. If your business qualifies for Buyable Pins, you can sell on Pinterest for free.

Fee: Free!


In 2014, Wanelo announced that they were integrating their services with Shopify. Since then, thousands of independent stores have started using Wanelo as a Shopify Sales Channel, many seeing an uplift in sales between 300 and 600 percent. Wanelo enables companies to market their products to mobile shoppers, exposing millions of new customers to their products.

Fee: Wanelo takes 15% commission per sale plus a 2.9% processing fee.


Does your business sell products to people wanting to remodel or renovate their homes? Then using the Houzz Shopify app is essential. Houzz developed a Shopify app to help Shopify sellers put their products up for sale on Houzz, gaining access to more than 35 million monthly active users. Houzz takes 15% commission per sale with a Shopify Basic $29/month plan.


Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace (in case you didn't know). But now, it’s easy and convenient to sync with Amazon listings to manage inventory, upload product details and fulfill orders all through Shopify. 

Fee: Normal Amazon fees apply.


Looking to market products to a highly engaged audience? The new Shopify BuzzFeed channel allows you to tag products for BuzzFeed editors to search, find and consider using in their product campaigns and product lists. The BuzzFeed channel is currently only available to sellers in the US using US dollars. Just like a regular Shopify store, order fulfillment and customer details are provided upon purchase. 

Fee: You choose a percentage to give BuzzFeed (hint: the more you give, the more love you will receive!)


Kik allows you to sell your products through Gift Guru, a site dedicated to marketing to teens and young millennials. Using the Kik Spotify app, you’ll be able to drive targeted product discovery and curate the entire shopping experience. Kik allows you to help shoppers discover and buy the perfect gifts. 

Fee: 10% commission on sales transaction excluding taxes and shipping fees.


The Wish Sales Channel helps sellers promote and sell their products to over 200 million shoppers in the Wish marketplace. The app helps integrate fulfillment and products are automatically targeted to relevant customers. Wish gets more than 5 million daily active shoppers through its platform and doesn’t charge any monthly, listing or promotional fees. All you need to do is upload your products to Wish and then edit them through your regular Shopify account. Get payment through, Payoneer, and PayEco. 

Fee: 15% revenue share on sales.

Coming soon: Ebay!