Our First Blog Post

Our First Blog Post

August 13, 2016

Yep, this is our first blog post for my new brand: Ultrafade.  In case you were wondering, we specialize in helping Shopify store owners increase traffic to their website.  Why Shopify?  We've tried other e-commerce solutions over the past decade and have not found any that are as easy to use as Shopify.  Not only is it easy to use, but the support and community surrounding it are superb! 

If you're not convinced that Shopify is the best solution, then stick around.  The next series of blog posts, we will be comparing Shopify to some of the other e-commerce solutions out there.

I'm going to keep this first blog post short because I'm starting to sound like an ad for Shopify which is actually not like me at all.  I've spent the previous years prior to Shopify - complaining about other e-commerce solutions, so I guess I'm just excited that I don't really have a lot of complaints any more.   

OK, I'm gonna go now even though I'm breaking the rule of thumb of 250 words or more for blog posts.  Someday, I'll post about why that matters (and why I sometimes break the rules), but until then I need to start on my series.