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Mega Menu

  • We will create a user-friendly (and mobile friendly), highly customizable Mega Menu for any Shopify theme.  This is perfect for Shopify sites that have large inventories. Why pay a recurring fee for an app or be limited by free versions?  Just pay a one-time fee and you're covered for lifetime!


    • Multi-level drop downs: allows you to create multi-levels of a sub-menu.  The number of sub-menu levels are unlimited.
    • Bulk edits: Edit or add links in bulk.
    • Featured products: Show images of featured products within the menu.
    • Form option: Add a contact form directly in the menu.
    • Hover effect: Choose to slide down, fade, or slide up.
    • Customizable elements: colors (background, text, etc) or fonts (size, family, etc).

    See example here: https://www.pixelempire.com/